General aviation

For our customers at smaller airports and aerodromes, our General Aviation fuel business offers all the fuelling options you need.

Whether you’re a flying, parachuting or gliding club, a helipad for private, police or air ambulance use, or in the aerospace industry, we can supply and maintain refuelling tankers, static tanks and dispensers - and we can tailor-make what we offer so that it suits your airfield perfectly.

The options we have available include:

  • Jet A-1, a kerosene-type fuel for turbine-engined (jet) aeroplanes and helicopters
  • AVGAS 100LL- a leaded, high-octane gasoline fuel for piston-engined light aircraft and helicopters.
  • Our new AVGAS unleaded UL91, specially designed for Ultralight aircraft and endorsed by Rotax. UL91 can replace AVGAS 100LL in more and more engines, or you can use it in place of mogas (forecourt petrol) in aircraft specifically approved to use it. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our many TOTAL aviation fuel stations. TOTAL is the best place to refuel your aircraft with high quality fuels, top grade lubricants and the great feeling of having made the best decision for your safety as well as your engine. At TOTAL we dedicate all our energy to maximise your safety.

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