Super Constellation


Download the September wallpaper. This fantastic aircraft was the first airliner with pressurized cabin and the king of the Atlantic in the 1950s.

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Super Constellation

Air Total, proud partner of Wizz Air at Beauvais!


Since January 1st, 2016, TOTAL has been chosen by Wizz Air to be his supplier at Paris Beauvais Airport.

«Wizz Air was pleased to engage with AIR TOTAL for fuel supply at BVA Airport. The two companies have a fruitful 10-year cooperation at several network locations of Wizz Air» says the Purchasing Manager of Wizz Air.

More information about this company

Wizz Air Avion

Air Total makes a stopover in Avignon!


Is your plane based at the Avignon Provence Airport? You are close to the area? A new TOTAL refueling station will emerge very soon. Refuel whenever you want by ordering the free AIR TOTAL card.

Aéroport Avignon Provence

Montpellier airport renews its trust in Air Total!


For 25 years, the Montpellier Méditerrannée airport has been entrusting TOTAL with the exploitation of the aviation fuel stations of JET A-1 and AVGASS 100LL. On the spot, the head of station and the 6-people supplying staff work hand in hand with the airport to develop Commercial and General Aviation activities. And this month, the airport has just renewed its partnership which promises to last for many years.


Cheers to Matthias Dolderer for his new world champion title at the Red Bull Air Race!


Air Total congratulates Matthias Dolderer for his two achievements in Indianapolis and in Las Vegas, in the USA. The German pilote, sponsored by Total Deutschland GmbH, wins the first place of the championship.

Born to fly, who is this extraordinary pilot? Find out in Plein Vol 27!

plein vol numéro 27

Air Total wishes a happy birthday to the Metz-Nancy-Lorraine airport!


For 25 years and since its creation, the airport has trusted Air Total and is renewing once again its partnership. Total is either on Commercial Aviation activities with the JET A-1 aviation fuel and on service stations for car renters.

Total is committed to preserving their quality throughout the whole supply chain and to ensuring safety of men, operations and flights. Celebrate with us the airport's 25th birthday on October 8th and 9th

airport lorraine

Plein Vol Magazine: Time to read number 27!

Have you hea​​rd about Sylt Airport – the Saint-Tropez of the North –, the pilot Mathias Dolderer or the rescuers of the skies called SAF Helicopters? If not, you should definitely read our new Plein Vol magazine right now.

This new number, published since the end of May, also has a focus on our “all-terrain” Customer service in France. They know who you are. But do you know the people at the other end of the line when you contact AIR TOTAL France’s Customer Service department?

You will end your reading with a suggestion of an itinerary to fly above France, following the different fam​ous places during the Euro 2016 contest. A nice way to prolong the game for a third halftime!

The Plein Vol magazine is available in English, French and German. Enjoy your reading!​

AIR TOTAL at the Cannes Film Festival!

aviation cannes

© Jean Christophe Couvez

Did you know Total is supplying biofuel for several Air France flights during the Cannes Film Festival?

All along the event, 2500 passengers will fly from Nice to Paris with biojet, via 24 Airbus A321. The biofuel we're providing emits less than half the carbon a fossil fuel does. It can be blended directly into jet fuel without technical modifications to the plane, engines or fueling procedures.

It's one of only three biofuels in the world that have been certified for commercial aviation use and is produced by the yeast fermentation of sugars. The yeast is designed by Total and its partner Amyris thanks to cutting-edge technology. The supply chain has been certified sustainable and traceable.

Biojet fuel is one solution to shrink the aviation industry's environmental footprint.

Alongside Air France, Total is committed to better energy.

Find AIR TOTAL at the biggest Global Show in Europe for General Aviation

Global show in Europe General Aviation

AERO Air Show takes place in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from the 20th to the 23rd of April. To discover all our package of aeronautical products and services in Europe, you’re welcome in the AIR TOTAL stand. Our team will be pleased to interact with you at Stand 109, Hall A3.

Essential partner for aviation for 60 years, AIR TOTAL is also the leader in Europe and Africa, and one of the world’s biggest suppliers.

2016 Aviation calendar : It's once a year but it worth it!

Every year, since 2005, AIR TOTAL produces an Aviation calendar.

A well-known photograph specialized in general aviation takes amazing pictures, from all over the world, during the year. All the planes only exist in a few copies.

Let’s discover the calendar of this new year together. Have you ever seen a Cricri jet, the smallest jet plane in the world? Or collection planes from the First and the Second World War? Here is a challenge for you: try to choose which picture is the most beautiful one and write a comment below to tell us your choice… It is going to be hard, good luck and happy New Year!

You would like to have one? Let's try and send your request to your business contact at the sales team. You will maybe become one of the few lucky partners or customers to receive the calendar.

calendar aviation pictures plane aircraft

Plein Vol Magazine : Time to read numbre 26 !

Have you heard about the film Aerospace, the project about biofuel between AIR TOTAL and Air France, Aerostar TV or the Super Constellation? If not, you should definitely read our new Plein Vol magazine right now.

This new number, published since the beginning of December, also has a focus on our AVGAS UL 91 fuel, with interviews of Directors of aeroclubs from several countries within Europe.

You will end your reading with a suggestion of an itinerary to fly above the United Kingdom, following the different famous places during the World Rugby Cup of last autumn. A nice way to prolong the game for a third halftime!

The Plein Vol magazine is available in English, French and German. Enjoy your reading!​

plein vol

World Aerobatic Championships 2015

The 28th World Aerobatic Championships where Total was an official partner just ended. It was a tremendous success. Actually, more than 100,000 people came during the World Championships on the Chateauroux Deols Aiport. This is twice the expected number by the Aerobatic French Federation (FFA), which organized this event with the Aerobatic International Federation (FAI).

During these 10 days of competition, TOTAL was the only aviation fuel provider. Despite the weather and the hard work conditions, a high quality service was provided by TOTAL with/thanks to the help of two avitailleur from TOTAL airbus.

The AIR TOTAL customers were able to enjoy this great show offered by the pilots and during the Saturday air show from the TOTAL VIP area. This competition was mainly a sport success. And the French team did it again, like in Texas two years ago, they won the competition. They took/won the gold medal in every category: team, individual, woman and man.

Regarding Aude Lemordant, sponsored by TOTAL since 2014, she won the World Aerobatic Championships Unlimited for the second time in a row. What a great performance (from Aude lemordant), just as Simon de la Bretèche ( 11th at the overall ranking), Alexandre Le Boulanger (14th at the overall ranking), and Mélanie Astles (5th at the woman ranking). All these pilots from the AVA (the aerobatic school sponsored by TOTAL) flying on their TOTAL aircraft showed us all their (great) talent during these championships.

France Air Expo 2015 s-Taourit

Châteauroux-Déols airport

Châteauroux-Déols airport is an international « cargo friendly » airport, fully equipped to handle cargo and « technical stops » for aircraft of all types. Located South PARIS, in the heart of Western Europe, it offers:

  • large facilities (runway 3500 m / 11 500 ft / 70 F/C/W/T);
  • non-stop services (24/7);- customized handling services (quick turnaround);
  •  jet A1 provides by AIR TOTAL;- high security : fire Fighting OACI level 8 - Air Transport Police;
  • technical maintenance and repair, if requested (Part 145 MRO on site).

The Châteauroux-Déols international airport, able to accommodate jumbo jets like the Airbus A380, offers a warm welcome to recreational aircraft as well. It’s a unique feature of the facility, which hosted an exceptional event this summer: the World Aerobatic Championships (WAC).Châteauroux prevailed over rival candidates Le Bourget, Bordeaux and Étampes to win the support of the French Federation of Aeronautics (FFA) in hosting the 2015 World Aerobatic Championships. “Given our capacity to accommodate large numbers of visitors and our less saturated air space, we had every advantage”, Says General Director Mark Bottemine.

The 28th World Aerobatic Championships where Total was an official partner was a tremendous success. Actually, more than 100,000 people came during the World Championships on the Chateauroux Deols Aiport between 20 and 29 August. This is twice the expected number by the Aerobatic French Federation (FFA). During these 10 days of competition, TOTAL was the only aviation fuel provider. Châteauroux-Déols is also home to light aviation. Says General Director Mark Bottemine, “When I took over the site in 2007, I eliminated the landing fee and installed a Total station with fuel pump (AVGAS 100 LL). Our aim was to attract amateur pilots and offer them as many services as possible. And it’s been a success: with nearly 500 new flying enthusiasts each year, we’ve developed a fan base!”

June 2015 - France Air Expo at Lyon Bron

FRANCE AIR EXPO - Lyon Bron international airport 

France Air Expo 2015 s-Taourit      France Air Expo 2015 s-Taourit       

The ninth edition of France Air Expo has just ended on June 6th. Usually, it takes places at Cannes, but this year, under the Lyon sun the 200 exhibitors and 400 aircraft landed on the tarmac of the second French business airport after Le Bourget.A success, since THE general aviation exhibition, which took place on 4, 5 and 6 June 2015, attracted more exhibitors and visitors than the previous editions held in Cannes-Mandelieu. For AIR TOTAL, partner of the event, it was a great success, both for its image and newtork. Total exposed on his booth the new AVA’s aircraft, the CAP 432 MWS, flowned by Alexandre Leboulanger and Simon de la Brétèche.They will flight for France during the World Aerobatic Championships in Chateauroux next August. Aude Lemordant, 2013 World Aerobic Champion has given us the pleasure of her coming for a signing session organized by Total, which has been successful.

May 2015 - EBACE 2015

  ebace 2015 s-taourit

 For its 15th edition, the EBACE exhibition (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) hosted nearly 500 exhibitors and 60 aircraft on display.This year again, AIR TOTAL had a booth to present its offers for business airlines companies. The purpose was to target the convention’s visitors who came from over 100 different countries.

May 2015 - Rêves de Gosse, tour 2015

Rêves de gosse 2015

The Chevalier du Ciel association, has just completed its air tour « Rêves de Gosse » which began on May 15.The Rêves de Gosse campaign, wich aims to give to disabled children the opportunity to fly for the first time across several city-stop, celebrates its 19th edition this year. AIR TOTAL, partner for over 8 years, was present on the airflied, one of the last city stop where 300 children made their first flight.AIR TOTAL is actively involved in the campaign by providing among other things, 4000 liters of AVGAS 100LL.

February 2015 - Ethiopa : Aviation infrastructures modernized

AIR TOTAL Ethiopia

To standardize its operations and further improve customer service in the aviation sector, Total Ethiopia has modernized its fleet of refuelling trucks, made improvements to its Addis Ababa aviation depot and invested the equivalent of €400,000 in the modernization of its two other depots located in Bahir Dar (in the East of the country) and in Mekelle (in the North). As of the end of November 2014, both depots now have 100 m3 of storage capacity and are fully equipped to the latest standards with double-shell tanks, automatic gauging systems, an automatic leak detection and alarm system, as well as loading and unloading equipment with adequate filtration and measurement devices. This is a first for the country, thus solidifying Total’s pioneering position in the field of industrial safety in Ethiopia. In the aviation sector, the affiliate’s main customer is Ethiopian Airlines, which buys 130 million litres of Jet A1 from Total every year.

January 2015 - Press release: Total partners with France Air Expo


Air Expo France 2015

FRANCE AIR EXPO, which is to be held from June 4th to 6th 2015 a tLyon-Bron International Airport (LFLY), announces its partnership with TOTAL. The group wished to partner up with the reference exhibition for light and business aviation through its Aviation Division. This partnership follows naturally from Total being the biggest aviation fuel provider in terms of volume for JET A-1 and AVGAS in the Europe-Mediterranean-African zone. The firm is a key player for the national aerodrome network with more than 250 airfields supplied in France.

Meeting all the general aviation customers at the same event TOTAL would like to take this opportunity to present its full range of services for general aviation. The fuel supplier thus recalls that its services are available to all kind of users: from recreational pilots to business jet operators. This statement is consistent with the values of FRANCE AIR EXPO which just announced its two new ambitions from the 2015 edition onwards: becoming itinerant and extending its range of exhibitors to the lightest and heaviest aircraft.

A growing professional exhibition with a central locationFour months before opening, FRANCE AIR EXPO is looking highly promising. Held in Cannes until 2014, exhibitors’ wishes to change platforms – especially due to access issues and runway length – have been taken into account. FRANCE AIR EXPO will be held at Lyon-Bron International Airport, third-busiest airport in France in terms of business aviation, which offers a privileged field for private aviation and benefits from all the transport and accommodation facilities. The 1,820-metre FAA-compliant runway will enable lots of aircraft to land with no time (on demand) or weight restrictions.In addition to the 120 aircraft exhibited, the organizers are expecting to welcome 1,500 airplanes and 18,000 visitors during this three-day event. The registration trend suggests that the number of exhibitors should double. Daher Socata, Cessna, Tecnam, Pilatus, Pipistrel, Piper, Beechcraft, VL3, Czech Sport Aircraft, Ruag, Bell Helicopter – to name but a few – already confirmed their registrations. And so did Mooney.“Total’s support for the 9th edition of the Exhibition, added to the 150 exhibitors already confirmed, is crucial for the development of this event. Unique for general aviation in France, our aim is to become the first exhibition in Europe in the next three years. We are proud to partner with one of the world’s biggest aviation fuel provider, number one in Europe, and there is no doubt that the communications linked to this partnership will result in a two-fold increase in the number of visitors. Total has joined one of the major actors of this event: the Swiss watch manufacturer Breitling which has been supporting all our aeronautic events in France and Middle East for nine years”, Samantha Chastang said as the Partnership Manager of FRANCE AIR EXPO.

January 2015 - Total now selling bio-jet at commercial scale:


Farnesane is mixed with conventional Jet fuel at a ratio of up to 10%.It has been demonstrated after engine tests and flight tests that it is a reliable fuel in commercial applications.The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has issued a revised standard which now includes the use of renewable farnesane as a blending component in jet fuels for commercial aviation.The fuel has been tested by major commercial airlines such as AIR FRANCE, ETIHAD and LUFTHANSA.This biofuel is now used regularly in commercial flights between Toulouse and Paris.

December 2015 - Jon Hammond of Air Total

Jon Hammond

Jon has complained that he has never starred in the Armbrust Daily Briefing.So to correct that here he is in Dubai at the opening cocktail party!!


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